Time to Tell Them ‘Bout the Birds and the Bees

Okay Mom and Dad, your little girl or boy is not so little anymore and it may be about that time to talk about sex.  Chances are your teen has a lot of questions that need to be answered, but they are too embarrassed to ask.  It is your job to have the conversation in a way that will make them feel comfortable and open.

First of all, don’t overdo it.   The biggest mistake parents can make is creating too big of deal out of the situation.  Sure, it is important, really important, but putting too much pressure on your blossoming adult could cause them to close-off.  Try letting them lead the conversation as much as possible and gently steer them in the right direction.  If the conversation still feels too awkward, try suggesting some reading or websites they can visit to get more information.  You can even set up an appointment with a local clinic or doctor and offer to accompany them.

It is important to let them know you are available to talk if they need it.  Try not to be judgmental and keep an open mind.  Remember, you were once in their shoes. Think about all the burning questions you might have had, but were too afraid to ask.  As parents, it is your responsibility to make sure your teens are well informed and protected.  We know it is probably just as awkward for you, but do your best – never let them see you sweat!


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