The Screaming O Scream Team Uncovers Mexico’s Real Wild Side: Scream-Breakers Pick up on the Vibe that Safe Sex can be Fun

LOS ANGELES, CA – March 11th, 2010 – The Screaming O, the leading manufacturer of intimacy enhancing products, and its Scream Team has invaded Mexico’s Spring Break 2010 to make sure spring breakers are playing hard, but most importantly playing safe.  The sexy scream team is coming fully equipped with Screaming O Condom packs, containing one lubricated condom and vibrating Screaming O Ring.

Knowing about the birds and the bees is one thing, but knowing about the “buzz” is quite another.  This year Mexico Spring break will be taken O-ver by the company that has everyone screaming.  With multiple awards under their belt, The Screaming O has expanded the minds of couples around the world by providing pleasure and protection with a vibrating rubber between the covers.  With so many options to choose from, The Screaming O is sure to make a splash along the hottest beaches in Mexico.

“For most college students, spring break is a time to let loose, meet new friends, and party,” says Keith Caggiano, creator and innovator of The Screaming O.  “This year we will be putting the O back in Mexico with our smoking scream team and line of sizzling products.”

When the grind goes from the dance floor to the bedroom, couples can undress the many possibilities that The Screaming O allows.  And with all that partying, safety is something scream-breakers will want to remember.   The sexy Scream Team will be delivering good vibrations with The Screaming O Condom pack, ensuring spring breakers a sexy and safe time.

“There is no reason safe sex can’t be fun and exciting,” says Caggiano.  “The Sensual O condom pack is a particularly great product for spring-breakers who are looking to stay safe while increasing pleasure.”
Mexico’s exotic white sand beaches and clear blue waters have spring-break enthusiasts eager to get wet and wild.  With The Screaming O, spring break suddenly has a new ‘ring’ to it.

About The Screaming O Line of Products

The Screaming O line is recognized for its unique products, marketing and packaging, as well as being the industry leader in providing the fastest selling and best-reviewed vibrating rings. The Screaming O line has been voted as the “Best Product”, “Best Company” and the “#1 Seller” by various outlets. Aside from the company’s namesake, they are also the creators of the Big O, O Boy, O Honey, O Wow, O Man, and the O Yeah, As well as the Fing O’s, Ring O’s, Ling O’s, the Two-O, Tri-O and of course, the Bang O. Having revolutionized the concept of sensual toys and relationship enhancers, Screaming O offers a variety of items that couples or singles can use to achieve a deeper more intimate sexual connection. More information can be found at HYPERLINK “”

For more information about Bushman Products, or to set up an interview, please contact Keith at 310.446.1632.

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