The Screaming O Launches Association of Safe “Fun” Sex with Hip Hop Star, J. Kwon at a Huge Kick Off Party

May 13, 2008 – Los Angeles, CA – Adult novelty manufacturer The Screaming O announced the launch a new association to ensure the message of “Safe Sex” will no longer be falling on deaf ears with the Association for Safe Fun Sex ( and of course a party to kick it off.

The Association for Safe Fun Sex ( will be hosting its official launch party on Wednesday, May 14th 2008, at Area, one of LA’s most trendy hot spots “Area”. Area is located at 643 N. La Cienega Boulevard at Melrose Place. The event will be covered by major mainstream media with a celebrity guest lists from both sides of the entertainment industry including special guest appearances by J-Kwon (“Everybody in the Club Getting’ Tipsy”), Adam Rifkin (National Lampoon’s Homo Erectus, Detroit Rock City), Ron Jeremy and his gang of cave girls, Red Light District, Club Jenna, and A! Entertainment many more!, organized by creators of the award-winning Screaming O, aims to redefine the negative associations that come with traditional condom use, and promote safe sex that is more fun and enjoyable.  ASFX will be teaming up with celebrities and charities such as the UHI the Urban Health Institute to promote and provide expert information on STD and unwanted Pregnancy prevention, as well as HIV and AIDS education.

“We are excited to launch this organization and get the word out about safe, fun sex,” says Screaming O Vice-President,. “We have gotten an incredible response from both celebrities and the general public, and this party will really get people pumped about safe sex in a brand new way!” As always the Screaming-O girls will be present passing out Screaming O gifts, including T-Shirts and Screaming O Condom Packs.

For details, please contact The Screaming O at is already getting attention from top celebrities such as hip-hop and R & B artist, J-Kwon, best known for his hit song “Everybody in the Club Gettin’ Tipsy,” will be presenting the Urban Health Institute with 10,000 Sensual O Condom Packs worth over $50,000. The donation is being made to promote the launch of the Association for Fun Safe Sex (, geared towards STD prevention and education with a new, fun “vibe”!

“The Screaming O Condom Pack is a great way for us to promote safe sex in a fun, new manner,” says Screaming O partner. “We saw an opportunity with the Urban Health Institute to send a positive message to the community that safe sex can be great. J Kwon has also been very supportive in educating the community about safe sex, Sensual O Style!”
J Kwon is one of the most active participants of this project to bring safe sex alternatives to urban communities. He is a dedicated advocate of HIV and AIDS prevention, and is thrilled to be able to present this donation to the Urban Health Institute on behalf of ASFX.

“There aren’t many young people who take the time out to think about how serious the fight is against HIV/AIDS, especially among our age group,” says J Kwon.  “I’m proud to be a part of anything that will help better our generation. Health is a serious issue and we need more people to step up and support it!”

The Sensual O Condom Packs being donated are an innovative accoutrement to safe, more exciting sex, by combining the popular Sensual O Vibrating Ring with a high-end condom in one discreet package. The result is an exciting and effective alternative to promote responsible sexual behavior.

About J Kwon:
In November 2003 J-Kwon unleashed the smash hit single, “Tipsy.” By the top of 2004, “Tipsy” took the entire nation by storm and flew straight to the top of the Billboard charts in America and the UK. He received high praise from platinum selling sensations such as Jay Z and Nelly.

About the Urban Health Institute:
The Urban Health Institute (UHI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded to provide direct care, medicine and medical equipment in response to natural and man-made disasters.

The organization enlists pro-bono participation from local health care professionals to provide public health education and information about the availability of health-related and specialty care resources within disadvantaged communities around the globe.

About The Sensual O Line of Products:
The Sensual O line is recognized for its unique products, marketing and packaging, as well as being the industry leader in providing the fastest selling and best-reviewed adult intimacy products. The line includes the Sensual O vibrating ring, the Sensual Ovation vibrating date pack, the Sensual O vibrating Bullets, Sensual O Sensually Thin Condoms, Max Rx Male Enhancement pills and Sensual O Body Glide personal lubricants. The sister Sensual O line has been voted as the “Best Product”, “Best Company” and the “#1 Seller” by various outlets. Having revolutionized the concept of sensual toys and relationship enhancers, Sensual O offers a variety of items that couples or singles can use to achieve a deeper more intimate connection. More information can be found at

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