Partner The Screaming O is an Official ‘Safe Sex Instigator’ at UCLA!


We are proud to announce that our longtime partner and sponsor, The Screaming O, has partners with the UCLA Art & Global Health Center and its performance-based sex education program called AMP! This is the latest way The Screaming O has reached a young and savvy audience to spread a sex-positive message, and we’re so proud to see them working with one of our safe sex allies! AMP! and the UCLA Sex Squad travel to high schools across Los Angeles to perform a series of funny, dramatic and sometimes moving skits and breathe life into traditional high school health curricula. […]

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Celebrate Safe Sex With Fun, Football & Free Sex Toys!


It’s the 4th and final time we’re teaming with The Screaming O and Lion’s Den Adult Emporium for this weekend’s River Jam tailgate event, which means it’s the last time we’ll be coming together to celebrate safe sex while toasting to the home team. Join us at our interactive booth for games, a photo zone, and free swag to help spread the word! Bring your friends and your game faces as our team of sexy nurses (aka models in tiny nurse outfits) administer our safe sex message with free condoms, T-shirts, complementary sex toys, discount cards and more! The Screaming […]

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Get Some Tail While You Tailgate!


Gear up for round 2 of The Ohio State University River Jam tailgate event and bring some friends because this weekend we’re bringing sexy nurses (well…models dressed like nurses) to administer our safe sex message to thousands of Buckeye fans and Badger foes. We’ve teamed with The Screaming O and Lion’s Den Adult Superstore once again to promote safe sex while rooting for the home team. Spend the weekend celebrating safe sex while playing with your (foot)balls at our interactive safe sex station stocked with complementary sex toys, free T-shirts, discount cards and more! Plus this weekend we’ve upped the […]

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Make Your Condom Feel Better


1. Lube Lube is essential for smooth-moving sex, we all know that. But for those of you who complain of lackluster sensation once the wrapper goes on, try adding a dab of lube on the tip of the penis BEFORE you roll it on. The smooth barrier between the skin and the condom will actually help the material glide over sensitive areas of the shaft and give him a little bit extra wiggle room in the pleasure department! 2. Latex-free Alternatives Some of you might feel irritation on the skin during or after sex when using a latex condom, and […]

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Thousands of Ohio State University football fans are in for a special treat this weekend at the massive annual OSU River Jam tailgate event! The Association of Safe Fun Sex ( has teamed with our friends at The Screaming O and Lion’s Den Adult Superstore to host an interactive booth alongside some of the nation’s biggest brands and inspire thousands of Buckeye fans to make practicing safe, fun sex a sport of their own. Representatives from Lion’s Den and the ever-sexy Scream Team will (wo)man a massive booth to help spread a sex-positive message worth screaming about. Together the three […]

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Head Back to Campus With The Screaming O!


Summer is pretty much dunzo and most of you 18 to 20-something-year-olds have packed up and shipped out to give college the old…well…college try. You’ve got pens, paper, a pillow and more – just make sure you stock up on condoms and sex toys! It’s the 21st century, guys and gals. We like sex and are more likely to hit the sheets before the books, why not pack a bag full of Screaming O condoms, vibrating rings, mini vibes and sexy supplies for the ultimate independent study? Keep a supply of Screaming O Condoms and Vibrating Rings by the bed […]

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Make Safe Sex Feel Better


Vibrating rings are your new best friend – you just don’t know it yet. They make safe sex feel better (especially for her) and if you’re looking for something to put the spark back into your sex life then it’s high time you strap one of these around your junk. Worn at the base of your shaft, these rings have a little vibrator that tingles against her clitoris each time you move and gets her that much closer to orgasm. A majority of women need this extra “zing” to get there and vibrating rings are a fun, easy and hands-free […]

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Celebrate LA PRIDE With The Screaming O and ID Lubricants!


Get ready for a colorful weekend with The Screaming O, ID Lubricants and more than 400,000 members of the LGBT community! Starting June 7 at 5 p.m., Los Angeles will come alive with the sounds of live music and dance as men and women of all lifestyles flood the streets of West Hollywood in celebration of LA PRIDE! And The Screaming O is joining the lube connoisseurs at ID Lubricants to help man their booth and spread the Pride Vibe Sunday, June 9, from 2-5 p.m. Armed with free condoms, O Balm® Climax Creme and ID Millennium lube packets, The […]

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The Screaming O, Co-sponsor Long Beach AIDS/LifeCycle Team


The Screaming O will join forces with the Association For Safe Fun Sex (ASFX) to sponsor Team Long Beach during the 11th Annual AIDS/LifeCycle bike tour. This seven-day ride down the California coast raises funds and awareness to fight HIV/AIDS and attracts thousands with a common goal to educate and make a change. ASFX is the first association of its kind to provide expert information on sexually transmitted infections and other safe sex issues in a fun, fresh fashion. Working alongside The Screaming O, the two are promoting this message by providing Long Beach’s long-running cycling team with the support […]

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