Make Your Condom Feel Better

1. Lube

Lube is essential for smooth-moving sex, we all know that. But for those of you who complain of lackluster sensation once the wrapper goes on, try adding a dab of lube on the tip of the penis BEFORE you roll it on.

The smooth barrier between the skin and the condom will actually help the material glide over sensitive areas of the shaft and give him a little bit extra wiggle room in the pleasure department!

2. Latex-free Alternatives

Some of you might feel irritation on the skin during or after sex when using a latex condom, and though it could be the result of lube-less friction (see No. 1) there’s also a chance your skin is sensitive to traditional latex materials.

It’s a lot more common than you think! We’re not talking anaphylactic shock-style allergies here – though those do exist – but it’s perfectly reasonable to suspect that the itchiness you might feel after prolonged wear could be from the latex in your condom. And that’s not comfortable!

Try out one of the few latex-free condoms out there on the market. There’s polyurethane and polyisoprene – two rubber alternatives that are just as reliable and sturdy as latex but won’t dry you out and give you a rash.

3. Oral Fixation

We all know how unsexy it can be to roll down the condom, pinch the tip, make sure it’s in place, yadda yadda. Some men find it hard to keep it…well…hard during the process. So why not try a different method of putting on a jimmy hat?

Put the condom in your mouth with the opening facing outward and slowly make your way down the shaft using your lips and tongue to unroll it and put it in place. (Like you’re giving a slow blowjob… in one direction.)

And if you have issue with the less-than-delicious taste of latex, try putting some flavored lube on your lips like gloss – it’ll help.

4. Vibration

It’s a common complaint that condoms make men feel less sensitive in their penile regions, which can be detrimental to enjoying the physical act of sex to its fullest. But there’s a way to bring back some of the sensation that’s lost from wearing the condom!

A vibrating ring like The Screaming O Vibrating Ring is worn at the base of the penis OVER the condom and literally sits there waiting for you to press the “on” button. And when you do, the little motor – placed above the shaft to stimulate the clitoris or on the underside to give the testicles a little boost – had enough power for you both!

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