Kiss Awkward Condom Moments Goodbye

Your date finally invites you upstairs, Al Green is singing “let’s get it on,” and you’re about to move things to the bedroom where it really starts to get hot and heavy.  You’re revved up and ready to go and then it happens, that awkward moment when the record skips and he’s fumbling with the condom wrapper.  Though it only lasts a minute, it can feel like ages.  Even worse is the dreaded pause where you realize you don’t have a condom close at hand and so the moment is ruined as you scurry about the room with your pants around your ankles, searching for a rubber.

It has happened to the best of us, but isn’t it time we learned from our mistakes?  It doesn’t matter how fine you are, frantically searching for a condom in the heat of the moment is a mood killer.  Luckily, we have some tips to make the dreaded condom transition less awkward, even sexy.

We’ve all heard the phrase it’s not what you do, but how you do it.  Well it’s not a bad mantra to keep in mind when slipping on a condom.

Make sure you keep a condom close at hand, this goes for ladies too!  Keeping a well-maintained condom in your purse or wallet is always a great idea.  Don’t worry, you won’t look presumptuous, just smart and clean.

If you forget your wallet or purse, make sure you designate a go-to spot in your home to keep your condoms.  At least this way you won’t be in a frantic search.  You can coolly walk over to the sleek metal box on your nightstand and whip out a condom without missing a beat.

PRACTICE! Make sure you know how to put a condom on, ladies I am talking to you too!  Knowing how to properly place a condom on is not only important for safety, but it will allow the moment to pass without hesitation.

Incorporate the condom into foreplay.  A woman applying a condom for her man keeps safe sex looking sexy; try using your mouth or tongue to slide it down.  If he’s the one putting it on, try keeping things erotic while kissing his neck or massaging him.

Condoms don’t have to be a barrier in the fun.  The point is to be prepared and stay creative.  Who knows, if you really practice, the donning of the condom could be the climax of your night.

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