Kanye West Tells Taylor Swift to Buzz Off and Bang a Sex Toy

LOS ANGELES – Nov. 3, 2010 – Hip hop diva Kanye West’s beef with read-my-diary-out-loud Taylor Swift has taken a sexy turn. He’s moved from stealing her spotlight to offering sex advice via AskKanye.com, where he recommended the glitter princess try some sex toys to spice things up down south.

One fan asked if he’d ever used a Screaming O Vibrating Ring, a cockring marketed to give women screaming orgasms in the sack while essentially making men feel like…men.
Kanye responded immediately. But of course he’d never admit to using a sex toy.
Kanye: No. If I want to make a girl orgasm I rap on their clitty. One time I rapped a full 16 bars and the girl passed out and almost died. So now I just stick with 8.
Fan: That sounds dangerous! Let us send you a Screaming O and save someone’s life.
Faster than he could snatch a microphone, Kanye told his humble fan to send a Screaming O Vibrating Ring to someone who could truly benefit:
Kanye: Send to someone in need. I recommend this person.

Lo and behold, the person to whom Kanye so philanthropically linked was none other than pretty sparkle princess Taylor Swift, whose most recent sexual links include actor Jake Gyllenhaal and fellow outspoken douche/artist John Mayer. Kanye must think both gentlemen could use some battery-powered penis improvement.

“We all thought the feud was over, but either Kanye’s still got some baggage for Taylor Swift to carry or he’s reinventing himself as a sex therapist,” The Screaming O partner Keith Caggiano said. “And now he’s digging at Gyllenhaal and John Mayer. Whatever Kanye’s deal is, we’re happy to be on board. Any hot, sex – and legal – pop stars who want to have more orgasms can have their pick of our sex toys. And by the sound of Kanye’s attitude, it seems he could use a friend. Possibly even a Screaming O Buddy vibrator. We know just what to send him.”

The Screaming O’s flagship product, the Screaming O Vibrating Ring, was named “Best Product of 2008” Women’s Health Magazine, and the BigO vibrating erection band was named “Top Pick” by renowned sex educator Dr. Sue Johanson, host of the Oxygen network’s popular “Talk Sex With Sue.”

Kanye – or a quicker counterpart with just as poor grammar – answers your most curious questions on AskKanye.com, firing the kind of clever quips that helped make him famous. (Pre naked cellphone pics.)

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