It’s Back to School Night for the Association for Safe FUN Sex: Safe Sex is a Buzz-Worthy Topic for College Students

The Association for Safe FUN Sex ( is on a mission to educate college students on safe sex awareness, as well as inform them on the fun that can be associated with it. The organization is using The Screaming O condom packs, which consist of one condom and a vibrating condom ring, as a way of promoting safe sex in a brand new and exciting way.  ASFX is the first association of its kind providing important information on sexual education, simultaneously keeping things new and exciting.  The group aims to redefine the negative wrap associated with condoms by spreading awareness of The Screaming O’s innovative option for protected intercourse.

Condoms are the most common and effective means of protecting partners from STDs and unplanned pregnancy.  Attempts have been made to improve their appeal such as ultra thin latex, ribbed condoms, and various lubricants that claim to increase excitement, yet they seem to fall short and are generally perceived as an inconvenience.  Bushman Products, the global innovators in intimacy building toys, has put an exciting spin on condoms with the Screaming O condom pack and vibrating condom rings.

“The Screaming O Condom Pack is a great way for us to promote safe sex in a fun, new manner,” says Bushman Products Vice-President Keith Caggiano. “People often complain that condoms are desensitizing or uncomfortable, and as a result, many are engaging in unprotected sex.  Our mission is to eliminate the bad reputation surrounding safe sex and prove that it can be good, in fact, it can be better.”
On February 18, 2010, ASFX joined together with the University of Georgia to educate students on the many stigmas that surround condoms. ASFX traveled to the University of Georgia to participate in an event entitled “Kappa Sutra” – a program created to raise students’ interest and awareness in safe sex by passing out Screaming O condom packs.  Not only does The Screaming O condom pack send good vibrations between partners, it keeps them safe from disease and unplanned pregnancies.

“Safe-sex awareness often falls on deaf ears, and we at Bushman Products are on hand to shout it from the rooftops – and let everyone else scream it from the bedroom,” says Caggiano. “Giving out The Screaming O condom packs brings attention to the issue at hand, and makes the thought of using condoms exciting again, something people will remember to do every time.”
With STD’s on the rise amongst America’s college students, The Screaming O condom pack has redefined the notion of safe sex, making it an essential must for lust.  By spreading awareness of these exciting alternatives to traditional condom use, the ASFX is achieving their goal in convincing couples to practice safe sex, reminding them pleasure and protection can go hand-in-hand.

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