Introducing ASFX: The World’s First Association to Promote Fun, Safe Sex

May 9, 2008 – Los Angeles, CA – Today marks the official launch of the Association for Fun Safe Sex ( by the award-winning creators of the Sensual and Screaming O. ASFX is the first association of its kind established to provide expert information on STD and Unwanted Pregnancy prevention, as well as HIV and AIDS education. ASFX aims to redefine the negative associations that come with traditional condom use, and promote safe sex that is more fun and enjoyable.

As the “buzz” builds, it is the hope of that those participating in sexual activity will use a sensual O condom pack, every time.

Until recently, traditional condoms have been the only commonly known option for safe intercourse. Even with slight alterations such as ribbed for her pleasure and gimmicky lotions and potions, condom use is generally seen as an inconvenience.

The Sensual O, known best for their best selling and award-winning vibrating rings, decided to take action into their own hands and create a means of safe sex that also feels good; The Sensual O Condom Pack was born.

“The Sensual O Condom Pack is a great way for us to promote safe sex in a fun, new manner,” says Sensual O Vice-President. “We saw an opportunity with the Urban Health Institute to send a positive message to the community that safe sex can be great. J Kwon has also been very supportive in educating the community about safe sex, Sensual O Style!” is already getting attention from top celebrities such as hip-hop and R & B artist, J-Kwon, best known for his hit song “Everybody in the Club Gettin’ Tipsy,” will be presenting the Urban Health Institute with 10,000 Sensual O Condom Packs worth over $50,000. The donation is being made to promote the launch of the Association for Fun Safe Sex (, geared towards STD prevention and education with a new, fun “vibe”!

J Kwon is one of the most active participants of this project to bring safe sex alternatives to urban communities. He is a dedicated advocate of HIV and AIDS prevention, and is thrilled to be able to present this donation to the Urban Health Institute on behalf of ASFX.

“There aren’t many young people who take the time out to think about how serious the fight is against HIV/AIDS, especially among our age group,” says J Kwon.  “I’m proud to be a part of anything that will help better our generation. Health is a serious issue and we need more people to step up and support it!”

The Sensual O Condom Packs being donated are an innovative accoutrement to safe, more exciting sex, by combining the popular Sensual O Vibrating Ring with a high-end condom in one discreet package. The result is an exciting and effective alternative to promote responsible sexual behavior.

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