Haven’t We Met Somewhere Before?

You’ve done it.  You have achieved what you once thought impossible.  You are in a monogamous relationship.  And while you thought sticking with one partner would get boring, you are beginning to realize all the toe-curling possibilities that come with a constant partner that really knows all the right ways to push your buttons.  By this time you have both been tested and are possibly even making use of an oral contraceptive.  With all this comfort you may have forgotten about your old friend the condom.  But what happens if you are still mourning the loss of your dearly departed rubber mate?  After all, he was reliable and is the only way to ensure you and your partner are protected from STD’s and STI’s, plus the added protection against pregnancy doesn’t hurt.  It is time to talk about the re-penetration of the condom in the bedroom, even after you’ve walked on the unprotected wild side.

While at first the condom’s reintroduction may seem unwanted, there are many ways to welcome the old love glove with open arms…or should I say legs?  First of all, be honest with your significant other about your concerns with not using a condom and explain that just because you may have neglected its use a few times, it doesn’t mean you can’t hop back on that pogo-stick and keep it more exciting than ever.

By removing the constant nag of endless “what if” scenarios in the back of your head you will feel far more comfortable and able to give yourself over completely in the sack. You can also treat the welcoming of condoms back into your sex life as an opportunity for a bit of foreplay  while pursuing the local adult shop for protection and grease to best match yours and your partner’s style –  I dare you to call condoms desensitizing after adding a vibrating condom ring to the equation!  Who knows, maybe you’ll take a liking to rubber in general and decide to tie down some other curiosities that you have been, umm, choking on. It’s a win-win.

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