Can Your Partner Pass the Test?

You’ve been on a couple dates to the movies, maybe a candlelit dinner or miniature golf.  Things with your partner are starting to get more intimate and you’ve decided it is time to take the next step.  But before you do, it’s time to ask that dreadfully awkward question- have you been tested?  Yes, it can seem like a mood killer, but it is really not as uncomfortable as it seems.  Just close your eyes, count to three and ask.  It will be done before you know it, and chances are your partner wants to ask you the same thing too.   However, if you still can’t muster up the courage to ask, ASFX has some helpful tips to ease the worry.

Keep it light.  Chances are if you don’t act like it’s a big deal, neither will your partner.  Next time you are cuddled up on the couch watching your favorite flick, casually ask your significant other if they’ve been tested for STDs.  Trust me; they’ll be glad to know you care about keeping things safe.

Make a date out of it.  You are both in this together, so why not grab a bite to eat and mention you want to swing by the clinic so you both can get tested together.  This takes the pressure off of your partner and shows him or her that you guys are in this together.

Get on subject.  Find a way to seamlessly ease into the subject without missing a beat.  Mention that a friend of yours just got tested and that you were thinking of doing the same.  Then casually ask your partner if they have ever been tested.

Get creative, there are plenty of ways you can breach the subject.  It doesn’t matter how you do it, but that you do.  If you are too intimidated to talk about sex responsibly, then you might not be ready to take that next step.  It is extremely important to make sure both you and your partner are protected.  While condoms do protect against STD’s, nothing is full proof, so getting tested is key to having a healthy sexual relationship.  The relief you and your partner will feel after being tested will surely be something you’ll want to celebrate.  The less time you waste worrying about asking those four little words, “Have you been tested?”  the more time you can spend doing… well, you know.  Stay safe and be sexy.

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