Bottoms Up!

What’s your poison? Herpes? Chlamydia? A bouncing baby boy? Before you slam back that next shot of whiskey it is important to make sure you are suitable to drive, and we’re not talking about a car.  Did you know studies show that over half of women infected with an STI report that they were under the influence at the time of contraction?

The concept of drinking responsibly does not always end with a bottle of water and a cabbie. Making sure you get your loose body home and into bed can be a feat on its own, but what happens when you’ve got company? These are the moments that most often result in an “oops” or an “uh-oh” once the fun has been had. If you think a tequila hangover is bad, wait and see how you feel after a night of unprotected sex. 

The secret… don’t let it happen! We tend to get lazy when drunk, not to mention the significant impairment of judgment, so if not having a condom within an arms length the moment you decide its “game time” is your best excuse, then anticipating being prepared may be your best bet. If that means having protection stashed in every room of the house, or keeping a condom in your wallet or purse (yes, a woman should be just as prepared as a man), than do it.  Tape a condom somewhere on your body if you have to, just don’t have sex without it. If you still can’t control the urge to engage in unprotected sex while under the influence, then don’t drink!  Besides, nobody wants to be left limp as a result of alcohol.

Simply put; booze and boobs don’t always mix.  In the spirit of seeing a good time through, cool it on the liquor and always use protection. 



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