Partner The Screaming O is an Official ‘Safe Sex Instigator’ at UCLA!


We are proud to announce that our longtime partner and sponsor, The Screaming O, has partners with the UCLA Art & Global Health Center and its performance-based sex education program called AMP! This is the latest way The Screaming O has reached a young and savvy audience to spread a sex-positive message, and we’re so proud to see them working with one of our safe sex allies!

AMP! and the UCLA Sex Squad travel to high schools across Los Angeles to perform a series of funny, dramatic and sometimes moving skits and breathe life into traditional high school health curricula. Thanks to The Screaming O, the Sex Squad will be able to travel to even more schools and act as a strategic support partner as the group expands its reach.

“The Screaming O’s support will help the Sex Squad grow its programs and increase its reach, changing the lives of college students and high school students by creating space for them to take control of their own sexual health,” said Elisabeth Nils, Director of Development at the Art & Global Health Center. “We believe that open communication about sex creates the possibility for people to boldly be themselves and advocate for their own rights. That same radical self-acceptance also encourages people to say what they do – and do not – want, and for those who choose to be sexually active, that means better, more pleasurable sex. Ultimately, pleasure and sexual health are the closest of allies, and that’s why collaborating with The Screaming O makes so much sense!”

The Screaming O also will help the Sex Squad reach an additional 60,000 students via a virtual model, and with sister Sex Squads in Chapel Hill, S.C., Atlanta and even Mexico City, there’s no stopping them!

“UCLA’s Sex Squad shines a brighter light on sexual health and safe sex topics, including condom use, STI and AIDS prevention, and the power of masturbation and we’re proud to be a part of it!” The Screaming O representative said. “This innovative approach to sex-positivity was a perfect complement to the bright and fun messaging of The Screaming O, since spreading a sex-positive, safe-sex message is our No. 1 goal.”

Congrats to LINK[The Screaming O]! Thank you for everything you do!

The “We’re Glad You Came” live shows are scheduled Feb. 14 and Feb. 15 from 6-7:30 p.m. in the Glorya Kaufman Hall at UCLA. Tickets can be purchased for $6 in person or online at

Also planned are fundraisers, a luau, a Sexy Scavenger Hunt and an Arty Orgy activist art exhibition, all free to the public. See you there!

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